Gambling Addiction is a Waste of Money

In medical terms gambling addiction is termed as ludomania. This implies a person needs to gamble despite knowing the harmful consequences. Gambling addiction is a behavior which can affect most of the major aspects of life, for example it can affect you psychologically, physically and hamper your social life. Sometimes gambling addiction is referred as a hidden illness as you cannot see any physical symptoms. According to the American Psychological Association, addictive gambling is a mental health disorder and those affected have no control over it. Gambling addiction is a disease which is chronic and progressive. This means a person gets more and more addicted towards it every time he or she gets the opportunity to gamble. According to a survey about 4 percent of the American population has a gambling addiction. judi bola terbaik

According to Dr. Richard Rosenthal there are three criteria for a person to be listed down as a pathological gambler or a person affect with gambling addiction. An intolerable feeling or state, which is a person feeling helpless for no reason. Depression can be a reason; a person might get depressed due to problems at work place, problems with family, etc. Another criterion is when a person develops a high capacity for self-deception. When a gambler falls under these criteria, he is affected with gambling addiction. Gambling addiction is however classified into two types, action gambling and escape gambling.

Action gambling means a person is addicted to take risks, people falling under this category want to play with other gamblers, and they want to prove themselves as a winner in front of everyone. They want to identify themselves and create an image, they will continue gambling until and unless they reach the position. Escape gambling is where a person gambles because of the reason that they are affected with some personal matters. The person is having problems with emotional aspects in life or the person is not comfortable with life. People having escape gambling addiction usually play alone or they like to sit alone, they are rather found playing black jack or at slot machines. Escape gamblers just avoid human contact. It is found that men are more addicted towards action gambling and women are addicted towards escape gambling. It is also found that young people tend to have gambling addiction rather than adults. Teens are generally 3 times more likely to fall under gambling addiction. This is completely reversed in reference to other addictions where problems among adults are more prevalent than children. luar biasa daftar judi bola

Gambling addiction is a mental disorder having no impulse in controlling it but it is diagnosable and treatable. A very effective way to get treated is by the help of hypnosis. Hypnosis has a very high rate of success in healing people from gambling addiction. You can download mp3 versions available on the Internet. As soon as you are over with all the sessions of hypnosis you will no more be losing money at the casinos. You will be a winner and will set an example in front of everyone on how fast and easily you could get rid of gambling addiction.



Buying Car Parts Online – Is It a Good Idea?

It’s funny how most people, or at least, most people who use the internet, will buy almost anything online without hesitating. They buy toiletries, they buy computer bits and bobs, they buy perfume. However, one area where there is hesitancy is when buying car parts.

Most of us get all our car repairs done at the local garage, or if you’re lucky, you might have a mechanic or car fanatic neighbour who can help you out.

People tend to be a bit worried about sourcing parts or things that they can’t fit themselves, or they think that if they were to try to save money by supplying a car part to their local garage for fitting, that they would offend the garage. One way to look at it is the analogy of taking some fresh fish round to your local restaurant and asking them if you can dine there for less if they cook the fish you brought in.

Well, guess what. Chefs and mechanics don’t think the same way! No doubt, were you to take your own fish into the restaurant to ask for a cheaper meal you would quickly be shown the door. However, this is not the case when you need car parts.

Garages set out your bill for repairs by stating the cost of the parts, and the cost of the labour to fit them. As we all know, garages make most of their money with the labour, and even car parts costing just a few pounds can end up costing you several hundred pounds once you have added on the labour costs.

The truth is, as long as the motor spares that are fitted are in good condition and suitable for the job (i.e. they are right car parts for the right car model), most garages and mechanics will not object if you want to provide the parts yourself. They still get their markup on the labour. Next time you are facing an MOT repair job, find out what the parts are and ask if you can source your own. Yes, it might slow the job down a bit (and if you need an urgent repair, you’ll probably have to go with what the garage provides) but if you do have the time, go for it!

What this means is that you can sometimes save a lot of money by sourcing the motor spares you need online, instead of buying through garages, or through major car manufacturers. used auto parts

One of the markets that you are opened up to online, is that of the car breakers. These are people who buy a car that is no longer fit for the road, and they literally take it apart piece by piece and sell it. For those who sell these parts online, this is like having access to a car scrap yard without having to go and negotiate with a gruff car scrapyard owner. For those of us who know relatively little about cars and prefer not to have to face the prospect of pointing out to an expert which car parts we need, this can be a big relief!

Online motor spares dealers, especially those offering secondhand car parts therefore can save you a fortune. And it’s not just for car repairs either. If you have minor problems with your car such as faulty windscreen wipers or lights not working, by buying the parts online and fitting these yourself, again, you can save yourself and awful lot of money. If you don’t know how to fit a particular part, a quick Google or a search on YouTube will almost certainly take you towards a host of resources which will tell you what to do with them. Car enthusiasts take great pride in undertaking their own repairs and generally tend to be very keen to help other people to fix theirs. As long as you are polite and reasonable (and as specific as possible with your request) you may be surprised at how easy some car maintenance and repair jobs actually are, even if you’ve never considered yourself to be a car “person”.


Top 80 Funny Casinos Quotes

Virtual world of entertainment, thrill and money, online casinos are an attraction for everyone. There is no doubt in the fact that online casinos are convenient and have their own benefits and fun elements but to choose the right online casino out of so many is a difficult situation. You may not think before you choose an online casino, but I suggest you should. In fact more than thinking there are steps to be followed or taken care of while searching for a right casino. It is very important to be aware of what to look for while searching an online casino. Is it the benefits or is it the reputation?

Before you understand the basic but important points and guidelines for choosing an online casino, you need to understand that making a fortune is not a difficult thing all you need is some time and right techniques.

  • Credibility: The first and most important point in the selection of an online casino is the credibility factor. Is the casino credible and worth spending time and money? The credibility or the reliability point should matter to you if you love your money and your computer system. There are some casinos who believe in tricking and cheating the customer or the player by not paying the money or by using rogue software. Thus, it is always wise to do some search to reach a reliable end. Check on search engines for any information on the casino, its background and service. Find the answer for ‘is the casino licensed and with whom?’ confirm the address and phone number to make sure that the casino is authentic and is for real. Credibility of an online casino also increases if it is affiliated with any land based casino and has a street address. Do not forget to go through the terms and conditions of the online casino you are enquiring about. While searching for an online casino site instead of using http: always use https: as the’s’ stands for a secure line. This means that the’s’ of https: will protect your system against any rogue software or harmful site.
  • Age: Age or the survival years of an online casino adds to its credibility as well as experience and reputation. Thus if you come across such an online casino, which is a year older or not even a year old then it is advisable that you move on with your search.
  • Service speed: For a comfortable experience in the casino world you need an uninterrupted service. In other words, find out how good is the customer support sbobet service of the casino you have chosen and how fast do they pay you the money you win. Also notice the speed of their software downloads.
  • Benefits: Online casino is all about making money while having fun, thus there is no point in choosing a casino which does not offer you bonuses and free practice games when you have so many other online casinos. With the increase in number of online casinos competition has increased too and thus you can easily find casinos trying to impress you with free bonuses, free games for fun with no time limit, practice games, variety in the games, detailed controls and commands of various games, tricks to win as well as flashy presentation and option of choosing the language of your choice for your download.
  • Pay mode: Since you are dealing with your hard earned money it is always a good decision to check for the chances of a scam, if any. Enquire if they accept cheque, ATM prepaid or would you have to make an electronic account with them. Also, see what modes they use to pay you the money you won.

Three Main Reasons Why Sky Poker Is Thriving Within The Internet Poker Niche

Are you interested in internet poker? If you are, you may well have noticed that Sky Poker is running a high-profile advertising campaign of late in the media, which is designed to draw in new customers. Extravagant advertising campaigns can certainly create a lot of interest, but many interested parties might wonder whether all of the hype will be justified by the product that Sky Poker offers.

At times it can be difficult to choose between the various internet poker networks, and whilst it might be tempting to just stick with the well known brands, it may not necessarily be the better option.

This report will evaluate the way in which Sky Poker scores on the elements that matter most to most online poker followers. This will help you decide whether they are the best option for your requirements.

A Sky Poker Bonus: Why It’s Important For First Time Players

Clients are especially interested in the bonuses offered by poker providers. These give users the chance to sample the website without risking a great deal of their own money, which means this plays a key part when it comes to attracting new clients. What’s more, bonuses present the chance to get something for nothing, since all cash won with the use of them can be retained by the user. There are even specialized bonus comparison sites online which are often used by clients looking for the hottest deal. poker online terpercaya

After starting up a new account at Sky Poker, new clients have the chance to obtain the sought after Sky Poker’ bonus. While bonuses are inclined to alteration once in a while, the present?1000 Sky Poker bonus is certainly one of the best promotions around at the present time.At the time of signing up, you may well be asked to provide a Sky Poker bonus code, which may be obtained from a suitable bonuses site. This is not always necessary however it is preferable to check prior to opening up an account.

The Sky Poker Web Pages: Components And Usability

The importance of an online poker website’s design and style is not to be underestimated. In cases where a client struggles to find what he or she is looking for easily, he or she will almost certainly get discouraged and then look elsewhere.

The basic style and design within the Sky Poker site is comparable to various other poker websites. Various categories of poker games have been listed down the left, with the most popular poker games displayed in the middle.

In case you are new to internet poker you will see that Sky Poker offers low limit tables where you can learn about the game with small buy-ins. They also allow people to evaluate their latest performance history in real time, from within the actual poker game. Members are able to see their previous movements, the hands that they participated in, bets made, wins, and also losses. This can be a great resource which is designed to assist both new as well as experienced people improve their skills.

Sky Poker Client Help And Support

In terms of help and support Sky Poker does very well. Links to everything a customer may need to solve most problems can be found at the top of each screen on a help menu. It is also possible to contact the company directly. Contact details for the helpdesk are displayed prominently via another link. Clients can find answers to every conceivable inquiry via these links.

All of the modern security features you would expect to see are incorporated in the website’s online payment system. Although online payment is common these days, some customers may still have concerns about this. For their benefit, full information about the secure payments can be found on the site.

The website displays all of the normal and necessary warning messages about responsible gaming. Links to help websites are provided for any customer who believes they may be developing an addiction.


While we’ve looked at a few important components of Sky Poker, if there was a bit longer, there are unquestionably other factors we could discuss. Having said that, most people are merely seeking a brief assessment to help them make a decision. Therefore by simply concentrating on some of these important components of their service, I am hoping it should enable you to form a true assessment of the different internet poker networks within the niche.



Are No Deposit Poker Bonus Offers Legit?

Many people wonder if no deposit poker bonus gives are professional. Why ought to all of us supply away free  agen idn poker poker money without any duty? Where does the money come from that is given away to new players who open unfastened bills and do not must make a deposit? Read on and You`ll research all about these unfastened poker money offers.

Most of the gives at no cost poker cash You will come across are deposit bonuses. When You make a deposit at a poker site You get a sure amount on top of Your personal deposit. But there are also some carriers of loose poker cash that don’t require You to make a deposit. They will upload cash to Your actual money player account just for opening an account at a poker site totally free.

Many people accept as true with that there needs to be a capture to this. So in which does the cash come from and why should someone be giving it away for free? The solution is straightforward.

There are 2 distinct sources of Free Poker Bankrolls. In some cases the poker room itself is supplying You a No Deposit Bonus for becoming a member of them. This is usually the case with new poker rooms that want to attract many new gamers rapid. Instead of paying a marketing business enterprise to promote their website online they spend some of their advertising bucks to pay the folks that sign on. This manner they can build a massive membership right away. These poker bonuses are usually confined to a positive quantity of people signing up or are to be had for a confined time only.

The other source of unfastened poker bankrolls are associates of poker rooms. The poker rooms commonly pay their affiliates a positive amount of the rake this is produced by referred gamers. Some associates will supply You a no deposit poker bonus, hoping that You will generate sufficient rake for them to make a income. These affiliates share part of their sales in form of loose poker money for brand new gamers who be part of thru their links.

In both cases the bonus is a advertising and marketing tool to draw new players. The cash this is given to You comes from their advertising and marketing finances and the free bankrolls are given to You with the expectancy that You will change into a worthwhile purchaser later.

So if You come across this kind of unfastened bonuses then You don`t need to worry that You`ll be scammed. All gives I recognise are with none duty for the brand new visit  participant. You will by no means ought to make a charge. The most effective restrict that applies is that You have to play a sure quantity of hands with Your free poker cash earlier than You can withdraw it. It`s loose poker cash , no longer loose cash till You reached the play through limitations. Once this restriction is reached You can withdraw the bonus and all of Your winnings!


Slot Machine Gambling – Facts You May Want to Know

Slot Machines have been around for many years. Depending on where you play, they are named differently such as Slot Machine in America, Fruit Machine in the UK and Poker Machine in Australia. Another common name for slot machine is also referred to as the One-Armed Bandit due to the arm lever situated at the side of the slot machine. You can currently play slots either online or brick and mortar casinos for variety of denominations starting from 0.05p. The main purpose of this article is to point out some tips on how to win playing at slot machines. There are summarized as follows:

  1. Choose Slot Machines with Highest Payout: You will stand a better chance of winning in slot machine if you look for a machine with the highest payout. Normally 95% is the minimum requirement.
  2. Check Before Start Wagering: You will need to investigate the level of the odds of each slot machine you come across. You need to check out and study properly before commit yourself which machine to play at.
  3. Setting Wagering Limit: Each time before you begin to place your bet, it is always a good practice and advisable to set a proper wagering limit. As a reminder, you need to remember that you wouldn’t be winning each time you wager.
  4. Place a Maximum Bet: In slot games, you have the choice to place more than the minimum bet, one or more coins/chips. If you are on the winning streak, it is advisable to place the maximum bets. The main reason is that for some machines, they only offer the winning jackpots when the max coins are placed.
  5. Manage Your Bankroll Well: Before you begin to bet, you need to select the slot machine with wagers that you can afford. If you have a £10 bankroll, you may consider a lower wager machine such as 0.25p or lower. On the other hand if you have a £100 bankroll, you may want to place £1 bet instead of £25. It is advisable to divide your bankroll evenly, so as you don’t lose it all at once.
  6. Familiar with Slot Machine Rules, Be Sure To Read the Pay Table: All slot machine has a payout schedule that tell you a lot of information. The payout schedule shows the symbols, with their combinations, and how much is your winning. If you want bigger payoffs, consider progressive jackpots or large payouts as an ideal choice. Make sure that you are familiar with the slot machine you are playing and all their rules before placing your wager.

I hope you enjoy these tips on how to win at slots machines. These tips wouldn’t help you winning 100% on every slot games, but will definitely increase your chances. Golden rule on all gambling games including slots is to have fun while playing. Good luck. PG Slot

With newer video slot machines taking the spotlight when it comes to popularity, regular mechanical slots from IGT are still among the most popular and profitable today. Knowing which slots give the best payouts and higher pay frequencies are absolutely important to making money on an otherwise tough to master game. There’s no doubt that some card games offer the best win percentage, but there are also slot machines that offer a spectacular payback. I will go over several money making tips to selecting the right mechanical slot machine so that way we can all enjoy the best at what those gaming machines have to offer.

Tip#1-Select a machine that has a lower multiplier. Anyone who’s played these type of machines know that your chances of hitting a nice line pay on a 10X pay machine is drastically lower than one that has a 2X pay or no multiplier. Studies have shown that these lower multiplier or wild machines offer a 30% greater payback than those machines that offer a higher multiplier. I can tell you on many occasions that I have almost pulled out my hair when I couldn’t get anything on a 5X or higher slot machine on twenty dollars. The odds are through the floor with those. So as tempting as the high risk, high reward slots that offer greater pay, play some of the lower multiplier machines. You’ll find that you will win more over a longer session than high multiplier games and more frequently.

Tip#2-Play a machine that uses one payline. To the novice slot jockey, it is not immediately obvious to play a single line machine. So hey, the more lines, the more chances to hit some nice pays, right?? Not true, what slot manufacturers have done is that they have spread out the symbols on their reels and have placed more blanks, therefore making it tough to get significant wins. Also, have you ever noticed the pay difference for getting three red sevens on a single line Double Diamond machine and getting the same line win on a five liner? It couldn’t be any more different. Play the single line and win more for the lines and receive a higher payout frequency.

Tip#3-Bet the maximum money to win the biggest wins. This I couldn’t stress as a staple in general mechanical slot play. Why bet one coin when you could bet three or more and win much more. Since we are dealing with mechanical slots and not multi-line video slots, we can all afford to bet only three coins. Players will find that the wins will come more frequently and the overall line wins will be much bigger. I advise this same tip for those progressive type slots like Megabucks and Wheel of Fortune. Ever bet one coin on the wheel and end up getting the bonus wheel symbol on the third wheel only to grind your teeth when it happens?? It has happened to the best of us, but it doesn’t ever need to happen again.

In closing, with these three tips, you’ll find the best paying machines and hopefully make more big wins than ever before. But I can’t point out enough however that responsible game play will make the experience at the casino a fun one. When you’re up, use common sense make clearer decisions. Don’t get caught playing the games that have terrible payouts.


Cyberbullying And Covid-19

Cyberbullying and Covid-19

We’ve all made fun of people sitting across the table from each other, looking at their phones and tablets instead of at the person right in front of them. Sometimes we talk to each other across the table though our phones! My wife and I have had public and (hopefully) humorous conversations on FaceBook while sitting a few feet from each other in the same room.

More often though, we see and offer criticism of this social media behavior and tend to call it anti-social behavior.

Now, with Covid-19, we’re all at home and out of school, out of work, and social-distancing. And with people needing to stay away from each other, these devices we criticize – and use – are a godsend. From our in-place shelters, we can reach out virtually to our loved ones, and order them these devices for as little as $50 if they don’t’ already have them – especially the elderly. My wife and I get face-to-face time with our son overseas through Messenger video, but aside from yelling to neighbors across the street, we’re all equivalently distant now, and for a while yet to come.

But there’s a flip side. With so much time on their hands, there’s almost certain to be an increase in cyberbullying. With so much fear of “the other” – religion, ethnicity, gender orientation – there’s certain to be an increase in unwanted behavior as boredom sets in and digital mischief increases. It seems that this virus could engender viral behavior.

Cyberbullying is characterized by hate speech, rude or sexual images, spreading of rumors, aggressive hurtful behavior spread via digital communication – phones, tablets, computers. Such cyberbullying can affect a child’s – or any person’s for that matter – mental and emotional well-being, self-image, and behavior.

What to do?

If you have children at home, it’s useful to put parental controls on their devices, limiting the time of usage and perhaps the sites they can visit. Encourage them to be in common areas of the home where you can observe and intervene if they are experiencing certain types of unwelcome or harmful communication.

Don’t respond to the behavior from the bully – it is generally best not to engage the person sending out such rudeness because it is likely to escalate and persist. Much of this type of behavior is for attention-getting. Giving the offender the attention that they crave will likely encourage them to continue and to heighten the behavior.

Take screen shots to document the behavior should you need to report it. This will help in reporting to authorities or the school if necessary. Different devices use different procedures for the purposes of screen shots. Googling your device and “screen shot” should get you to an instruction page or video. Of course, you can actually take a photo of the screen using a camera or a different phone. Be sure to get everything on the screen, including dates and times, text and pictures, handles and usernames.

Block the person. Most apps and devices provide a means to block a caller, texter, or “friend” on social media for any reason whatsoever.

If the offender is a person from your school or your child’s school, report the behavior and the person as soon as possible. Given that the school may not be answering their phones because so many are closed now, it might be best to send an email to the school. Include the documentation you’ve gathered. It is possible to file a complaint with the Department of Justice at [email protected] but do be aware that they are receiving thousands of complaints or more, so it would seem likely that you would receive more timely assistance locally.

Perhaps most importantly, talk to your child and encourage them to express their feelings about the behavior openly and without judgement.

The Common Sense Media website has much advice for safety with various social media apps, such as SnapChat, TikTok, FaceBook, and Instagram. To browse such advice, point your browser at lecoronavirus  and then put your cursor over the “Parents Need to Know” tab, then select the topic of particular interest from the drop-down menu.

We live in interesting times, for sure. And they are surely challenging! But with a bit of encouragement, a bit of observation, and a bit of listening, we can make this a time to deepen relationships rather than a time of heightened abuse.


Maintaining Your Granite Countertops

An impressive gourmet kitchen is a dream for any home owner and the first step to making this dream a reality is installing shiny granite countertops. Granite is an extremely strong and durable igneous stone that is formed from volcanic rock and has been left to cool over millions of years. During this process, magma merges with various crystallized minerals to create its infamous sparkling appearance. Granite rocks are mined from granite quarries and are cut and polished to reveal their true radiance within. Granite is located under the Earth’s surface on every continent, therefore there is a wide variety of interesting and unique patterns available to you and, just like flakes of snow, and no two slabs of granite have the same pattern.

Granite is an ideal material for countertops, as it is incredibly hard, resilient and heat resistant. In addition granite countertops   to its material qualities, granite is also a truly beautiful representation of nature. Granite leads the pack as one of the top kitchen countertop options available to you as it represents what a gourmet kitchen looks like by adding an artistic, yet practical element to your space. The best granite countertops available to consumers are those that have significant variation, graining and pattern in them, exposing you and your house guests to the true wonderment of our planets capabilities. Granite does however require regular maintenance to preserve its luster and durability.

There are regular maintenance habits to follow, including daily cleaning with water and specialized products made for disinfecting stone surfaces. It is important to use specialized cleaning solutions, as harsher chemicals are too abrasive for granite and can scratch, etch and break down the surface of your countertop. Granite countertops also require annual re-sealing, a process in which a liquid sealant is applied to your countertops to rejuvenate and protect the natural stone. A sealant treatment is necessary when water is no longer beading and rolling away from your countertop, but rather absorbing into the stone itself. It is crucial to never let your granite go too long without being properly resealed as this is an investment worth protecting and there is nothing more beautiful than the exquisite shine of well cared for granite countertops.

Who doesn’t aspire to owning their very own gourmet kitchen to prepare family meals in? Granite countertops make this fantasy a reality by adding an artistic, yet practical element to your space. The properties of granite make it a fantastic choice for your kitchen, as it is incredibly hard, resilient and heat resistant; yet so beautiful that it more resembles a work of art than a preparation surface in your home. The fascinating history behind the harvesting process of granite allows you to add a little piece of history to your home, as just like flakes of snow, no two slabs of granite are the same. When choosing the best style of countertops for your family’s needs in the kitchen, the option that is both practical and beautiful is the choice of granite countertops.


Best Quality CBD Oil Products For Online Business Opportunity

CBD oil is, in recent times, used extensively in the clinical and therapeutic fields. The CBD is actually the cannabinoid, which is obtained from the extract of the cannabis plant. Scientific researchers have come to the conclusion that CBD oil is highly beneficial in the treatment of the symptoms of anxiety, epilepsy and pains induced by cancer inside the human body.

Pet CBD Due to its newly found uses, CBD oil is fast gaining popularity among buyers who look for wellness and fast and effective treatment of ailments. There are many options available in the market. Customers should be well-versed about the benefits as well as the side-effects of CBD oil before buying the product.

Since CBD oil is manufactured from plant extracts, it is very important to note that the plants are grown and cultivated following correct procedures. The Cannabis plant has both cannabinoids and tetra hydro cannabinoid or THC in its extract. The THC is known to have psychotic effects and gives its consumers a “high” which alters the mental state of the consumers. This altered state may lead to various adverse effects in humans which are not quite expected. Thus it is very important to grow the cannabis plants following prescribed procedures so that the extracts obtained from the plants are highly beneficial with minimum possible side effects. Consumers should ensure that the plants from which the extracts are obtained are organically grown in soils that are not overloaded with excessive chemical pesticides or heavy metals.

Hemp CBD oil is one of the best options available in the market currently. Keeping in mind the benefit and well-being of its users, the hemp CBD oil is manufactured following scientific methods and has been a hot favourite among customers since its launch.

The features that make this product a front-runner in its league are-

The Cannabis plants used to obtain the extracts are organically grown in the USA, Colorado. This ensures good soil quality with minimum chemical interference while the plants grow.

Hemp CBD oil contains less than 0.3% THC content. Due to this very low proportion, the oil is proven to have absolutely nil effect in the psychology of the consumer making it non-psycho-active. Thus it is 100% safe to be used by all patients.

It is a lab-grade product that is manufactured under expert supervision following GMP processes. The product is run through multiple quality checks and suitability tests before they are packed for marketing.

The Hemp CBD oil is manufactured using the company’s full spectrum formula that contains a combination of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids, providing the “entourage effect” that is often referred to in clinical as well as medical studies.

Due to such high-grade procedures and testings, Hemp CBD oil is a favourite among a major portion of its users. It is easy to use, affordable and easily available in any certified drugstore.

The product delivers as it promises- benefits aplenty at low prices. Thousands of people have reported satisfactory results using the product thus recommending it highly to their friends and family.


How to Transfer Money Online for a Group Gift?

There are many ways that you can an online payment platform to transfer money online: you can send and receive money, get paid for your products and services through your business website, exchange currency for foreign transactions, send mass payments and make charitable donations. You can also get creative, and use a payment platform to collect money from friends and family for a group gift for someone special.

Say your parents’ wedding anniversary is coming up, and they never took a honeymoon when they got married 40 years ago, this would be a good opportunity to use a payment platform to get some money together to put towards a long-awaited honeymoon. Even if it’s just out of town for a weekend, your parents will appreciate it.

To get started, you might want to get a survey of who would be interested in helping out with getting your parents a romantic and well-earned honeymoon weekend at an Inn in the country. You can make a few phone calls or send some emails just to see who is able to contribute to the group gift and transfer money online.

ewallet malaysia rm30 After you have a good idea of which friends and family members will be able to help out, find a good payment platform through which everyone can transfer money online to your electronic wallet. You will want a payment solution with good customer service that can be reached at almost any time of day through various channels, such as through email, phone, chat and social networking. You will also want a platform that allows free money transfers, and loads of ways to fund an ewallet (credit card, bank account, check). Keep in mind that some processors take almost a week for bank transfers to complete, so try to find one with the fastest processing times.

Here are a few other steps to follow to raise money for a group gift:

Add your bank account and credit card details. After friends and relatives transfer money online to your electronic wallet, you will want to have your bank account added to your ewallet account so that you can claim your money. You might also have to option of withdrawing the money to a prepaid card, and make the purchase online or in stores; it will work just like a credit card. Or if you already make the purchase with a credit card, you can withdraw the amount from your ewallet to your credit card to pay off the balance.
Buy that gift! You may have already found a good deal on a weekend getaway. If you have, great! Now go and buy it. If you haven’t, you might want to get cracking on this as your parents’ anniversary is getting closer every day. Check sites that sell group deals with big discounts (each deal may require a minimum number of people to buy it); sometimes you can save up to 80% on a vacation because the business is looking for new customers.
Give the gift. After everyone has transferred money online, and you have purchased the gift, you might want to throw a little dinner party at which to present your parents with the gift. This can be as small or big as you want and can afford. It is always nice to be able to give a gift with everyone there.
Send a “Thank You”. Don’t forget to thank everyone who was able to transfer money online to help raise money for your parents’ anniversary honeymoon. And be sure to put everyone’s name in the card.
This is one of the best ways to pool money when a lot of people live abroad or if it is just easier to transfer money online and buy the gift in advance.